Global Flight Tickets

Deira Travel is an IATA accredited agent with an authorization to issue more than 100 airlines ticket in-house. Our long-term service in the industry and excellence over the years has helped us in instituting adjacent associations with more than 100 airlines globally. Our online reservation systems have helped us in building close connections with various car rental companies and hotels spread around globally.

The introduction of budget carriers have helped in increasing the frequency of travel worldwide, and in order to cater the increasing travel needs of our clients we have obtained our exclusive booking systems with those budget carriers in helping us planning itineraries with ease.

Get your special reduced group rates to destination if you are more than 10 number of people, we can get the best fare from airline with your special requirements like group travel, tours, events etc. 
During seasons and off seasons we have special fare for most of the airline. Contact with your special requirement to get the special fare at any deira travel outlets
For families we always gives priority. We give a special family fare if 04 or more than 04 members in a family traveling together. 

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