Lake Toba Indonesia

Lake Toba Located amid northern Sumatra's volcanic peaks at a height of 1130m,Danau Toba encompasses the caldera of a super-volcano known to be the world's largest volcanic lake. Intense ocean-blue waters cover an expanse 100km in length, framing the wedge-shaped island of Pulau Samosir, home to the region's Batak people. Sleepy roads perfect for biking fan throughout the island and along the lake's edge, making Toba a favorite for travellers taking time out from exploring other parts of Indonesia.

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By the eruption of a super volcano (Mount Toba) was estimated to have caused mass death and extinction of several species of living creatures. The eruption of Mount Toba has led to changes in the earth's weather and the start into the ice age that affects the world civilization.

Lake Toba is actually more like a sea than a lake considering its size. Therefore, the Lake placed as the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa. Lake Toba is also includes the deepest lake in the world, which is approximately 450 meters.

There is a regular ferry service, every half hour, between Tuk-Tuk on Samosir Island to Parapat. The ferry runs between 7.30am and 7.30pm during peak tourist seasons. During off peak times the last ferry back from Parapat is 6pm. The cost of the ferry is 7000Rp. Buy your ticket on the boat. At the ferry wharf and on the ferry you will be approached by many of the local young men trying to persuade you to go to the hotel they are affiliated with. These guys are mostly harmless and just trying to make a living guiding tourists. They can be a good resource for information. There is no harm in going and checking their hotel out and if you're not happy with that hotel move on to the ones close by. Tuk-tuk is not that large so the hotels are close. See the list of hotels at the bottom of this page.

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