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Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East, if you are visiting Dubai; Dolphinarium is a must visit place in Dubai and ask your tour operators to include it the itinerary. Enjoy an Up Close & Personal dolphin encounter which you will cherish forever. Our shallow water interactions allow our guests to interact with the dolphins in their environment. Guests are only in water up to knee height & are under trainer supervision whilst they are able to touch, dance, sing, play ball and watch high energy behaviors from the dolphins.  Perfect for children & people who are less confident in the water.

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A 45-minute indoor interactive extravaganza showcases these amazing animals' astounding skills. Watch in wonder as the dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even create their own masterpiece!


Experience a Majestic Dolphin Swim connecting with our amazing dolphins on a truly intimate level. Enjoy a dorsal fin tow or belly ride as well as being able to hug, kiss & dance with these incredible mammals. You will be under the guidance of expert trainers who will be delighted to tell you more about the dolphin's behaviors, natural habitats & more. Perfect for more confident swimmers.


Shadow a trainer for a day and spend an exciting day working with our dolphins as an actual dolphin trainer.   his program provides a basic understanding of Operant Conditioning in an effortless way, SD's for the people not only to experience the link of communication between dolphin and trainer but also to have on first hand how to be a dolphin ambassador.