Apply US Visa from Dubai – UAE

How to Apply for US Visa in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

United States of America welcomes all as a tourist or to visit your friends and families with a visa category B1/B2. In order to apply for US tourist visa from Dubai, Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates (UAE) you required some important documents mentioned below.

Important Documents To Start US Visa Application.

  • Your passport copy (Old passport details required if any)
  • Contact number & mailing address
  • Permanent address & temporary address if any
  • Full name (Surname / Given name), Date of birth, Place of birth of your Spouse, children, father & mother

Once you started the application you’ll get an application id, save it and its required in future to create the appointment and for visa interview.

When application started, there is one section where they ask the contact person name and address, here you have to give your friends, family who are in United States going to invite you in person to visit US. Here you need to fill the name, relationship to you & US contact address, email & contact number.

Work / Education / Training Information

In this section, you have to fill your highest educational qualification, occupation along with employer details and contact information (You might have to give a NOC – No objection certificate) while the visa interview. So make sure the employer/company name and other information should be specified as per mentioned in the NOC letter from the company. Miss matching may cause for rejection. Also, you have to show your salary in local currency and should be matched with the salary certificate given by the company.

Security and Background Information

In this final section of the application, you should be very careful while selecting the YES or NO options because it’s all about whether you are a part of any criminal, terrorist activities involve or not. If all the other documents are sufficient & the security questions not satisfied the visa will be rejected and blacklisted.

Finally, once the form has completed, review the details filled carefully and submit it for final. And next we will go for the visa payment and once visa payment done, (It can be done through the credit card or any authorized bank mentioned) use the payment reference to create the visa interview. Once it’s done take the print out of your appointment only (Visa form print not required) and attached along with the below details and attend the interview.

Documents Check List For Visa Interview

  • Original passport with minimum 06 month validity
  • Appointment details
  • Visa payment slip
  • Return flight ticket copy
  • Accommodation / hotel booking copy
  • 06 months bank statement
  • NOC from the company
  • Salary certificate for employees
  • Trade license for investors
  • UAE resident visa copy
  • Evidence of qualifications obtained
  • Evidence of being in education (where applicable)
  • Evidence of the monthly income stated on application form.

Apply US Visa from Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE

If you are planning to apply for USA visa, please fill the below form and wait for us to contact you. Our professional visa consultants will help you to get your visa with hassle-free procedures.

A valid email id, which we use for your application
A valid phone number preferably mobile number in UAE
Write your travel plans, number of people traveling with you, purpose of travel etc

U.S. requests social media data from visa applicants. Almost all U.S. visa applicants will have to submit their social media data under the newly adopted legislation. State Department rules state that people will have to submit names for social media and five years worth of email addresses and phone numbers.

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