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How to apply UK visa (Tourist) from Dubai & Abu Dhabi in UAE, here the complete UK visa application procedure and document check list for UK tourist visa. UK visa application is completely  an online procedure, if you are not familiar with online visa application we recommend you to do it with any professional visa application center like Deira Travel, because even a single minute error may cause for rejection. Once UK visa got rejected its hardly possible to get again. Please refer to following list of documents required for tourist visa application to the United Kingdom.

Documents Required for UK Visa Application

Passport and Travel Information

This the most important part of your application. Your passport should have minimum 06 months validity from the date of departure and also requires a minimum of 03 blank pages. All previous passport details are required prior to application creation.

Travel Information

At this point you have to fill up your travel information to UK such as details of accompanying people to UK; their visa details if currently holding a valid UK visa; your intended date of travel to the UK and finally the address where you would be staying while at UK. If you are going as a tourist, it is mandatory to have a valid Hotel booking voucher and details of the reservation needs to be mentioned while creating the application and the voucher has to be presented at the time of interview.

Personal Details and Travel History

Here in the personal details column you have to provide your residential address in UAE and how long you are staying in that address.

With regards to the travel history, details (date of travel & purpose of travel) of your international visits for the last 10 years excluding UK and country of residence is required. Further details that would be required are if visa application of the applicant to UK or any other countries has been rejected in the past 10 years.

Family Details

Under family details, the applicant’s marital status needs to be specified. If applicant is married, spouse details need to be mentioned. Further family details such as parents and children (if any) details including name, date of birth, place of birth are required.

Employment and Income

In this section, employment details such as the employer name, address, Job Description, Type of work undertaken, and date of joining.

Income and Expenditure

Details of your Savings, Properties, Other sources of Income (eg: Stocks, shares). Monthly living cost, proportion of monthly income given to family members or dependents, cost incurred for your trip to UK in GBP. (covert you trip budget from AED to GBP - Use XE to covert currency) Total amount at disposal for the trip to UK in AED.

Family and Friends in the UK

Details to be furbished under this section includes those of family and friends who live in the UK. If no known people in the UK, details on purpose of your visit to the UK.

Further assistance on the UK visa application will be offered by one of our professional visa agents. These are the major part of UK tourist visa application form and there are some questionnaire at the end of the application like Do you intend to work in the UK, Is the main purpose of your trip to visit/stay with a close family relative who is settled in the UK, Do you intend to study in the UK etc. Make sure all the question's answer should be no if you are visit as a tourist. 

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 UK Visa Documents Checklist

  • Original passport with 06-month validity
  • 06 months bank statement
  • NOC from the company (should mention designation, date of joining & salary paid)
  • UAE resident visa copy
  • Old visa copies of UK if any
  • Old passport copies
  • Last 10 international travel history (date of travel, country, purpose of visit)
  • Parents full name, date of birth & place of birth.
  • Address you staying in UAE (Years of staying in that address)
  • Company name, address, designation, year of joining

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