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How to Apply Taiwan Tourist (Visit) Visa
From UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Taiwan is a small island nation located in between South China Sea, East China Sea , Philippines Sea and the China Main land. The country got traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts, dramatic mountainous terrain and the busiest night markets to attract the world to the country as a tourist destination.

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Documents Required for Taiwan Tourist (Visit) Visa from UAE

  • Original passport minimum 0 month validity
  • Company letter (verifying the current job position, monthly salary, purpose of visit and duration of stay)
  • For UAE resident, visa sponsored by “Free Zone” requires a separate letter.
  • For UAE resident, validity of UAE residence visa should be more than 2 months.
  • For Non-residence of U.A.E. – Company License copy is also required.
  • Invitation from inviter (verifying the purpose of visit, duration of stay, inviter’s name, signature and contact No.)
  • Taiwanese (Inviter) ID copy or Foreigner’s ARC copy
  • Hotel Reservations ( can be waived if staying with relative or friend – need to mention on the invitation letter)
  • Personal Bank Statement for the most recent 6 months.

Application Procedures and Visa Fees


  • Regular visa: 2 working days (Fee: Dhs 350/-)
  • Urgent Visa: 1 working day (after 24 hours, Fee: Dhs 500/-)
  • Visa sponsorship may be requested if necessary.
  • Visa fee is non-refundable if visa application is rejected or withdrawn.
  • Visa application through email, postal and courier services are not accepted.
  • For new passport holder, please attach the old passport for reference.

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