Apply Spain Visa (Tourist) Dubai – UAE

How to apply Spain visa? 

Planning to apply for Spain visa from UAE? Here is some important information before you start your application process. If you are not familiar with the online website nor are you with the supporting documents required. You need not worry since one of our visa professionals would take you through the entire application process. All you would need to do is apply in person since it involves bio-metric (fingerprint) collection and we take care of the rest of the process. 

Below are the mandatory requirements for Spain Visa application from UAE

Application form

The application form has to be duly filled in English or Spanish with details in all blanks and it has to be signed and dated by the applicant themselves. If the applicant is under the age of 18, both parents or legal guardian/s must present “Letter of consent” signed with original passports, photocopies and valid birth certificate of the minor. Application form must be signed by either parents or legal guardian/s

Original letter from local sponsor (NOC)

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) written in English stating the purpose of the trip, qualification, monthly wages and start date of employment in the UAE is a mandate document that needs to be submitted along with all application. If sponsored by the family member, another letter from his/her local sponsor is also mandatory stating qualification, salary and start date of employment. If the applicant is an investor, a copy of trade license officially translated into Spanish or English has to be submitted.

Valid Passport & UAE Resident Visa

Prior to starting your application, please ensure that the passport has a minimum validity of 6 Months and the UAE resident visa must be valid for 03 months.Apart from the document validity, applicants passport should also have a minimum of 3 blank pages.


Applicant needs to submit 03 Photographs of the size 3.5 x 4.5CM width & height in white background. The photograph should not be older than 6 Months and face of the applicant should be straight and wearing caps are not allowed in the photograph.

Overseas Medical Insurance

A valid travel insurance needs to be submitted for the duration of the requested visa covering Schengen area. The policy must cover all risks expected during the time of stay in the Schengen area, including repatriation. Minimum coverage is €30,000 + repatriation. (Medical insurances connected to credit cards are not accepted) ·Conditions must be stated either on insurance document or on separate confirmation letter.

Proof of accommodation in Spain (Any of below three)

A valid hotel booking to your desired destination in Spain (Must be valid) copy of the lease of apartment or house (if not in Spanish, it must be officially translated into Spanish).
If travel is by private invitation, original + photocopy of official letter of invitation named “Carta de invitation” stamped by Spanish police authority.

Proof of Sufficient Financial Guarantees

A personal bank account statement for the past 3 months which clearly states periodical salary transfer stamped by the bank. The Consular Section will NOT accept Internet extracts without stamp nor company accounts.

Flight Booking

You should hold a flight booking respective to your travel plan to Spain and onward travel details (If it is to other European nation, which comes under Schengen visa agreement) from Spain.


Apply Spain Visa through Deira Travel


Spain Tourist Visa Fee from UAE

Nationals of Russia, Albania, Ukrain, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

AED 510/-

Others Nationals

AED 654/-

Children between 6-12 years

AED 510/-

Children under 6

AED 360/-

Spouses and relatives of UE citizens

Service charge only (No visa fee)


(Visa fee including of:  application filling, flight - hotel bookings, travel insurance, appointment)

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