Brazil Visa Assistance (Tourist)

How to apply for Brazil Visa from Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE
Tourist & Business Visa Application

Planning to visit Brazil, the football passionate country with amazing man-made constructions like Itaipu Dam, Christ the Redeemer, etc. Plan your trip to Brazil with Deira Travel and apply for a tourist visa to Brazil from us without hassle. Our visa experts will create your applications, documents required, hotel bookings and travel itineraries, you just need to go and enjoy the trip, and we care the rest.

Documents Required for Brazil Visa Application from UAE

  • Visa Application Form (one per applicant) must be filled online.
  • One (1) recent photo 3x4 cm, front view, white background;
  • Applicant’s passport, valid for no less than 6 months, with at least two blank pages, with a copy of the identifying pages.
  • Copy of the passport identification pages
  • UAE residence visa with a copy (non-residents must apply for the visa in person)
  • Company letterhead from the sponsor stating the applicant’s position in the company, wage, and purpose of the trip
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation (name, address and telephone number) or a copy of the notarized invitation
  • letter from the person who is hosting if staying at someone´s house
  • Copy of applicant’s Labor Card;
  • If self-employed, trade license from the company and company letterhead informing the ownership
  • Applicant’s personal bank statement stamped by the bank for the last three (3) months
  • Copy of your round-trip booked itinerary showing travel to and from Brazil
  • For minors (under 18 years of age) it is needed the written authorization of the parents for the issuance of the visa and it must be either signed in front of our consular authority or attested by the embassy of origin
  • Legible copy (deposit slip) of the consular fee payment
  • The Embassy may request additional information/documentation as deemed necessary


Note: Above mentioned list of documents may change as per the application center, country of residence, nationality, etc. Contact us for more information

Some nationalities require prior approval from the Brazilian Department of Immigration in order to obtain a visa, among them: Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Libyan, Nepalese, Nigerian, Palestinian, Pakistani, Senegalese, Syrian and North Korean citizens. The issuance of a visa for nationalities which require clearance may take 4 weeks. In the case the applicant has any planned trip and cannot leave the passport for so long, include a copy of the identifying pages and of the residence visa plus a letter explaining the reason of not delivering the passport. When visa is approved, the passport must be delivered in advance for the issuance of the visa.

Who can apply for a Brazil Visa?

  • People who are visiting Brazil for tourism;
  • People who will participate in sports or artistic events, whenever they are not being paid for such activities (except for daily allowances and hotel & travel expenses).
  • People who will participate in the congress, conference, and seminars, whenever they are not being paid for such activities (except for daily allowances and hotel & travel expenses). Those participating in events which involve business meetings, such as fairs, should apply for a business visa).

Apply for Brazil Tourist / Business / Visit Visa from Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE

Our professional Brazil visa consultant will help you to create and guide you to apply for all kind of Brazil visa processing from UAE. For Dubai, Sharjah and Northern Emirates residents can contact our branch offices to submit your document or just post your details in the below form. We will contact and help you to complete your visa processing.

A valid email id, which we use for your application
A valid phone number preferably mobile number in UAE
Write your travel plans, number of people traveling with you, purpose of travel etc

We will also help you to choose your required visa types, itinerary creation, hotel booking, flight reservation, travel insurance, etc

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